Life is too short, and managing your wealth can be time consuming and extremely complex. At Kruss Investments we understand that the value of your time is as valuable as any asset. We feel your time should be spent with loved ones, and doing things that you love. That's where we come in. Our job goes beyond just helping you reach your financial goals and providing insurance products designed to protect your assets, we save you time with the goal to provide financial confidence by keeping you connected to your financial plan at all times. We strive to ensure that your goals are defined and attained.

One of many unique qualities to our wealth management process is how we bring all the different parts of your financial world together. Part of our job is to make your complex life simpler. Weather its an old 401k, a current 403b, Roth IRA, life insurance, bank account or individual stock... Our living plans manage everything together and keep you on track, and when anything is out of line we know about it.


Our wealth management process is more than a fact finder, performance statistics and random reviews. We customize our process to match each individual relationship. Every relationship is maintained by constant predictable communication. We get to know each client personally and financially, and each client gets to know us. Our financial relationships are built to last decades, and our portfolios are built for any market cycle. Most of the portfolios we run are fee based and that means we have no ties to any one investment company or any particular type of investment. We use whatever vehicles are most appropriate for each client situation.

Our financial plans are detailed, but clear. And change as you do.