Kruss Investment Services

Kruss Investments was created to meet the need for truly independent, unbiased financial advice. At a time when many big banks and brokerages started to show signs of weakness thanks to years of greed, I knew the time was right to become independent. Most firms had became too focused on increasing transactions and widening margins instead of improving service and adding value. In 2007 I decided to escape the WallStreet greed, and join the best independent broker dealer I could find. After an intensive search and meticulous process, Woodbury Financial Services was the obvious fit.


Relationships inspire success

Everyone benefits when relationships are stable, long-term, and based on common goals. As your advisor, I focus on the one-on-one relationship with you, while Woodbury Financial invests in the technologies and services which allow me to analyze the information needed to help you make informed decisions. Woodbury provides continuing education and training to keep representatives informed about new products, ideas, industry trends, and regulations. Think of Woodbury as a firm working behind the scenes to pave the way and watch out for potential roadblocks. Whether your needs can be addressed by variable life insurance, annuities, mutual funds, retirement plans, alternative investments, or succession planning for individual or small business, I will receive support from Woodbury to help. Woodbury offers complete brokerage account services through Pershing®, an affiliate of The Bank of New York Mellon, and have developed a Registered Investment Adviser program to meet the needs of clients who are best served through fee-based services.

As the 2006, 2009, and 2011 Broker-Dealer of the Year by Investment Advisor magazine in Division IV, the largest independent broker-dealer category, we, at Woodbury Financial, look forward to partnering with you.